School (or work) lunchboxes - the bane of every parent's life each morning!
It's hard enough sometimes to find a) things that the little darlings will actually eat; and b) things that will survive a day rattling around a lunchbox, but when we add a desire to reduce our plastic consumption into the mix it really can feel all too much for a Monday morning.
Whilst there is a lot more choice for healthy (and not so healthy) lunchbox options than I remember when I was at school, they all seem to come wrapped in gaudy plastic. Even sticks of cheese come individually wrapped. What is all that about? And the plastic, as we all know is non recyclable and destined to just sit in landfill for the next few thousand millennia.

If you're struggling with inspiration for plastic free packed lunches, here are some ideas:


  • pasta and rice salads
  • sausage rolls
  • wraps (I've got a recipe for homemade wraps that are delicious - will share in the next few days!)
  • mini pizzas - make a batch and freeze them individually
  • mini frittatas - I'm told these can be frozen but haven't tried it
  • slices of quiche
  • soup in a thermos when the weather starts to get colder


  • flapjack 
  • muffins
  • biscuits
  • fruit leathers - these are a total favourite in our house. I just made a batch with some windfall pears and foraged blackberries πŸ™‚
  • yoghurt - we buy big pots and decant into small tupperware tubs - it's not a plastic free solution, but it is less plastic! The other option would be to have a go at making your own yoghurt
  • fruit - either whole or chopped up into a fruit salad

What do you guys do for school/packed lunches?
 Any recommendations for plastic free luncboxes?

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