I'm sure I'm probably teaching you all to suck eggs here, and that everyone is already a convert to re-usable cups, and always remembers to take their own ( πŸ˜‰ ) with them when they think they might need a coffee fix, but just in case...

Yes, I freely admit that this doesn't really have the same allure of a posh coffee, but it doesn't have the price tag either. If I am ever travelling by train, I usually take a thermos of coffee with me to drink on the way, but it is a bit of a pain then lugging the empty flask around with me for the rest of the day.

If you really want to be down with the kids, then using an old (cleaned out!) jam jar is the way to go for your re-usable coffee cup. It costs you nothing (assuming you've bought and eaten the jam/marmalade etc anyway), and has the advantage of the lid that you can put on when you have drunk your coffee, so that the dregs don't spill all over the contents of your bag.
The downsides however would be I would imagine it is quite hot to hold once it is full of coffee (this can be overcome by DIY solutions like this one, or you can knit/crochet yourself a hand protector thing), and that being made of glass, it might be prone to breakage in your bag.

You can usually pick these up from charity shops if you keep your eye out, saving the planet the resources needed to make a brand new one. Some of them are insulated to help keep your drink hot, and you can pretty much take your pick of designs and colours.
If you don't fancy a second-hand one, then try an Ecoffee cup, made from organic bamboo.

Keep Cups were originally designed by Melbourne cafe owners, and are specifically made to be 'barista friendly'. They have since sold over 3 million cups, and have plastic versions, as well as glass ones. I think they are still made in Australia, so getting a cup from the other side of the world might not be the most sustainable option, but they really do seem to have put a lot of thought into making their cups as eco-friendly as possible. They have set up UK warehouses, which lessens the impact of the shipping and distribution of them.

Hubby bought me one of these when they were running a Kickstarter campaign. It's collapsible which means that I find it easier to carry round with me all the time without really noticing it taking up lots of space in my bag.
These are made in the USA, so again possibly not the most sustainable option, but they do win out for convenience.

6. rCUP
I'm super excited about these and may well be getting some to gift at Christmas time. They're made from recycled disposable coffee cups, are insulated, AND leak-proof!

I'm not really a coffee drinker, but I am something of a tea-aholic, and my cup has helped me avoid unnecessary waste when I have been out with the family (usually at events where there isn't an option for sitting down with my drink).
 Do you have a favourite re-usable cup? It might be be fun to find out who has the oldest re-usable cup still in use! Do let us know your re-usable coffee cup tips in the comments.

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