20 ELDERFLOWER RECIPES - Sustainable(ish)


Early Summer in the UK does always mean the finest of weather (although we remain eternally optimistic) but it does guarantee one thing...
Elderflower, and lots of of it! And there are few things more sustainable, and more idyllic than a spot of light foraging in the sunshine.

I had a go at making elderflower cordial last summer, without a huge amount of success. It looked more than a little bit like horse wee once it was bottled up, but it didn't taste too bad...
However I'm inspired to try again having watching the wonderful Mary Berry make some on i-player. And I'm also inspired to to see what else can be made from elderflowers.
A quick Pinterest search later reveals that the answer is 'quite a lot'.
So just in case you too are feeling the need to pretend you are real life forager (I have this image in my head of me serenely wandering around an idyllic meadow somewhere, wicker basket hooked over my arm, stopping periodically to scoop more lovely blossoms into it….), and to go pillaging the hedgerows for elderflowers with not much of an idea of what to do with it afterwards, then here's a little bit of help.

Before we start-here is a great elderflower post from miyDIY, which goes into teeny tiny details, like how to find elderflower, and make sure you have the right stuff.

1. Cordial. Yes, I know it's the obvious one, but lots of the recipes use the cordial as their base, so here's the recipe that Mary Berry used in her Mary Berry Cooks series
2. Elderflower Champagne. I saw them make this once on River Cottage and it looked like hard work, but if that's what floats your boat, then try  out this recipe from The Essential Herb Blog
 Alternatively, you could just add a slug of your cordial to some champers
3. Elderflower Gin. Like Sloe Gin, but with elderflowers. Simples.
I wasn't sure it was really a 'thing' but then I found this recipe from the Telegraph. So it must be.
4. If you're going completely Tom and Barbara, then you have to try out Elderflower Wine. Here's a recipe from Self Sufficient-ish
5.  Elderflower Tea from 5 orange potatoes-apparently it's very good for you, and it looks super easy

6. Lemon and Elderflower Drizzle Cake from JibberJabberUK. Sounds delicious, and it's an all in one bowl recipe, which are my faves!
7. Pear and Elderflower Upside Down Cake from Mainly Baking. Looks like another simple recipe, so definitely one to add to the list
8. Almond, Elderflower and Lime Travel Cakes from Food&Wine-surely just the name "Travel Cakes" is enough to get you clicking through to see what they are…!
9. Elderflower and White Choc Chip Shortbread. This recipe from Wallflower Girl sounds divine
10. Elderflower macaroons from The Young Austinian-these are the big chunky macaroons, not the little dainty macaroons (should that be spelt differently..?) but they look pretty fab

11. Apple, Elderflower and Cinammon Pudding. From the people who make Elderflower Cordial at Belvior Farms
12. Elderflower and Lime Cheesecake from ClaireJustine oxox. Say no more. I'm in.
13. Elderflower Panacotta. I think Mary Berry did one on Mary Berry Cooks, but this recipe is from British Food
14. Elderflower sorbet-check out hits recipe from the Wartime Housewife
15. Elderflower and Raspberry Jelly-these jellies from BBC Good Food look far too good to give to the kids...

16. Elderflower and Vanilla Jelly (think clear jam, rather than wibbly wobbly) from Lovely Greens
17. Elderflower marshmallows-as if homemade marshmallows were not enough, thanks to the Independent, you can have Elderflower Marshmallows, and really show off
18. Elderflower ice cubes-in this What You Sow blog post, they are added to G&T, but these would also be great in some sparkling water, or even to liven up plain old tap water
19. Elderflower Curd-we love any kind of curd in this house, so will be trying this recipe from NAMI-NAMI out!
20. Elderflower sugar-like vanilla sugar, or lavender sugar, but elderflower 🙂 From All That I'm Eating (what a great name for a blog btw!)

Right them, grab your wicker baskets, and off you skip 🙂

photo credit: elisabet.s via photopin cc

Image from What You Sow

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