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Welcome back to the Sustainable(ish) podcast and to Season 2!
This season I've got some cracking guest lined up to inspire us all as well as some bite sized "5(ish) minute guides" where I'll try and to help you out with a sustainable(ish) problem in just 5(ish) minutes (the 'ish' is important here, as I'm discovering I'm not that good at not rambling and therefore keeping to time..!).

For the first episode of this new season, we're tackling overwhelm - I've been hearing a lot from members of my new FB group (this one is aimed at beginners and those just dipping their toes into all things sustainable(ish) ) that they often feel overwhelmed by all the things they feel like they should be doing, and then end up doing none of them. And I totally get that sometimes too - I think we all do.
So here's my 5(ish) minute guide to overcoming overwhelm when it comes to all things sustainable(ish):


Top Tips for Overcoming Overwhelm:

  • Break it down - pick ONE thing to focus on, and then keep breaking it down until you have one do-able action. Then do it.
  • Remember it doesn't have to be all or nothing 
  • check
    Don't compare yourself to other people
  • Focus on what you have done, and what you can do, rather than all the things you haven't done yet


- Sustainable(ish) FB group -for beginners and anyone wanting to make some sustainable changes but who isn't really quite sure where to start.
- A Sustainable Life FB group - my larger established group for those who are further on in their journey and looking for peer support and ideas. 

What ONE area of sustainable living will you tackle first?
What's the FIRST thing to do?
Do let me know - leave a comment below!


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