[014] – PUTTING THE (ISH) INTO SUSTAINABLE - Sustainable(ish)


I don't know about you but when I think about a 'green family' or a family living 'sustainably', I would expect to see lots of muted colours, wooden toys, maybe one of those bikes with a trailer, and the odd dreadlock or two. I know, I like to buy into stereotypes...

But do you know what? My family is so NOT like that. The kids wear the same jeans and hoodies as their mates (although most of my kids is second-hand!), we have ALL the plastic toys in our house (the people at Lego appear to have asked if they can use us a depot unbeknown to me...), and we are a two car family.

So on many levels I feel like a failed eco-warrior.
But that's the point. You don't need to be an eco-warrior hippy family to make a difference.
This is stuff we can ALL do. And we can do it without needing to radically overhaul our lives and make them any busier or crazier than they already are. 

The secret is...the 'ish'.
Listen in!



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The Essential Guide to a Plastic-free(ish) Home

The Sustainable Living Hub - for anyone looking for more inspiration, motivation and support to start, or continue on, their sustainable living journey

Here's what you'll learn

  • Why being sustainable(ish) isn't all or nothing - it's about getting started and about baby steps 
  • How it's ok to have to make compromises based on you and your family and where you're at right now
  • Some of the compromises I make to keep the rest of the family (vaguely) happy

Top Tips for Sustainable(ish) Living

  • Pick ONE thing to start with and go for the 'low hanging fruit' - get everyone their own re-usable water bottle, or aim to remember your re-usable cup at least three times this week
  • check
    Aim for progress, not perfection. Every step forwards, no matter how small, counts
  • Remember to include the rest of the family in your thought processes - I'm really guilty of assuming they are all on the same page as me, forgetting that I haven't even shown them the book!


  • Follow me on social media for down to earth, practical inspiration!
  • Pick ONE thing that's bugging you this week to work on - is it clingfilm on sandwiches? Or fruit and veg encased in plastic? Or something else?
  • Tell the family what that ONE thing is and ask them for some suggestions
  • Switch your energy provider to renewable energy - you cut instantly cut your carbon footprint by up to 50% without even getting up off the sofa..!
How do you like the sound of 'sustainable(ish)'?
​Does it resonate? Or are you someone who thinks we need to be a bit more hardcore about the whole thing to really make progress?

I'd love to hear your thoughts - do leave a comment below, or come and join in the conversation in my Sustainable Life community on FB!


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