The Essential Guide to a Plastic-Free(ish) Home

Ideas, tips and hacks to help you to take action on single use plastics

 - How far can you go...?

Plastic is BIG news. 

There is no escaping the fact that we are heading for a full scale plastic crisis, and the stuff is EVERYWHERE.

We all know we should be taking action, but man it's hard!

The Essential Guide to a Plastic-Free (ish) Home will teach you exactly how to identify your main plastic problems, and how to take action to reduce them. You'll break through the overwhelm, the inaction, and that niggling background guilt, and you'll make great strides on your journey towards a plastic free (ish) life for you and your family.

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How can YOU create change and make a difference?

All of us who saw Blue Planet II watched in horror at the dead baby whale, and the birds with stomachs full of plastic.

And some of us probably vowed to take action.

But then you go to your kitchen to make a cuppa, and take out your plastic milk bottle, or open a packet of biscuits, and you suddenly see ALL the plastic. I mean, it's everywhere. Our food is packaged in it, our bathrooms are rammed full of plastic bottles and tubes, and don't even get me started on the kids...

You are NOT alone...

  • Do you feel guilty when you put out your landfill bin and it's bulging with plastic and waste?
  • Are you frustrated and angry at how hard it feels to take action on plastic waste when literally everything comes wrapped in the stuff?
  • Do you want to take action but you're just not sure where to start? And anyway, you just don't have the time or headspace to think about alternatives?

I created The Essential Guide to a Plastic Free (ish) Home to solve those exact problems.

  • Finally take action on plastic waste, and see your landfill waste shrink!
  • Work out what YOUR plastic problems are, and identify what to work on first for the biggest impact and some quick wins.
  • Take actions that align with your values - none of us want plastic clogged oceans, and baby birds with stomachs full of the stuff. This isn't the future we want for our kids - at the risk of sounding cheesy, be the change you want to see. Step into your power as a consumer to create positive change!

The Essential Guide to a Plastic-Free (ish) Home gets you taking action and reducing plastic waste.

I guide you through step by step how to:

  • Work out what exactly it is that is causing your bin to bulge every bin day
  • Choose what to take action on first
  • What alternatives there are out there, and what would work for YOU and your family.
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    Create new habits for sustainable change
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    Get the rest of the family on board
If you've ever wanted to take action on plastics but somehow just not got started, this is the guide for you!

Get your copy of

The Essential Guide to a Plastic-Free (ish) Home now!

Cover of Essential Guide - Plasticfree(ish)

Discover easy, achievable ways to take action, without overwhelm or giving up the things you love.

The Essential Guide to a Plastic-Free (ish) Home 

  • Instant access to the downloadable e-guide packed with hacks, tips and simple swaps to reduce single use plastic in your home.
  • Work through at your own pace.
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    Ditch the overwhelm and start taking action TODAY!


20% of all sales donated to
The Marine Conservation Society

I wanted to get support for plastic reduction, as well as ideas for non plastic alternative products, such as deodorants, etc. 
My changes have been switching to more environmentally friendly products such as Ecover, and I’m in the process of changing to Eco eggs and doorstep milk delivery and I’m replacing my toothbrush with a bamboo one. Also, I’ve been making my own fave (occasional) foodie buys, such as M&S pasta and chicken and chicken arrabiata. 
The emails are really good in informing me of the effects of plastic on the environment, and the articles are inspiring too. 
PS I'm changing from plastic bottles of sauces, etc, to glass, surprisingly they're often cheaper! 

Jane B.

Jane B.

Jane B.

I kept meaning to do something about my plastic use and I hoped that this would inspire me (it did!)

I’ve just done my first order of Who Gives a Crap loo roll (I even managed to get my colleagues to join in so it’s a bulk order).
We’ve re-started a weekly veg box order to avoid plastic wrapped fruit and veg from the supermarket and I've started making homemade hummus to avoid plastic tubs
The daily emails have encouraged me to stay on track and also given me a great resource to use when I want/need to buy plastic free alternatives.

Anne M.


Why Plastic Free (ish)?

What do I actually get?

What if I want to upgrade to the other option?

Surely there's way more action to take than this?