Let's Keep the Crap Out of Christmas!

You don't need to be a hardened environmentalist to feel guilty about the sheer excess of a 21st century Christmas, and to worry about the impact our celebrations and festivities are having on the planet.

Pretty much everyone I speak to in the run up to Christmas bemoans the overwhelming volume of 'stuff', the expense, and the waste. Yet each and every year we carry on as before, only possibly even that little bit 'more', that little bit 'bigger' - because we need to make each year better than the last don't we?


Not so very long ago, Christmas meant a day off on Boxing Day, a satsuma in your stocking and maybe a present or two from your mum and dad if you were very lucky.

I'm not suggesting we make a return to the austerity of the war years this festive season but how about a rain check? Or even a sanity check. Christmas has got out of control - it's a runaway juggernaut heading straight for the landfill site, and we need to put the brakes on.

Let's focus on making Christmas more mindful, more meaningful and less about stuff, waste and excess.


  • 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is used each Christmas in the UK alone - that's enough to go round the globe 9 times
  • A billion Christmas cards end up in the bin
  • 74 million mince pies are thrown away
  • Only 1% of consumer goods remain in use after 6 months


We all know it's gone a bit bonkers, and we all moan about it, but it's so bloody hard isn't it?

It feels counter-cultural to think about 'less' at Christmas.
We all want Christmas to be magical, and special, and to create memories for our kids that will last a lifetime.  We want it to be perfect

Even though it never is, we still hold on to the idea that it should be, and somewhere along the way the magic and the memories have become inextricably linked with stuff...

Presents, decorations, extravagant Advent calendars, elves on the shelf (don't even get me started on elves on the shelf - as if I don't have enough to do in December without remembering to make even more of a mess of an evening and pretend laughingly in the morning to the kids that the naughty elf did it while gaily cleaning it up and screaming at them to get their shoes on) and Christmas jumpers that are bought and then worn only once because who can be seen dead in the same Christmas jumper two years running? (Me. I can. And I will squeeze my kids into the same one until it becomes indecent).

What if I Could Promise You a Christmas With...

  • Less waste
  • Less plastic
  • Less stuff
  • Less expense
  • Less guilt *
Without feeling like Scrooge!

*mostly about the planet and the effect of your consumption on it - I can't do anything about the whole guilt that just comes as an added gift with Christmas and families 🙂

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Whilst ensuring we reduce single use plastic, landfill waste and environmental impact. Yes, we can have an abundant and fulfilling Christmas with beautiful things that do not cause damage to the earth.

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