We all want to do it- whether it's to experience the world and different cultures, or simply to get some R&R in the sunshine away from the gloom of the British winter or the fickle nature of English summers.
But for most of us on the sustainable(ish) spectrum, it probably comes with a good smattering of guilt layered in - worrying about the carbon footprint of our flight, or wincing at the volume of single use plastic that aeroplane travel seems to generate.

So are you condemned to spending our holidays in cold damp caravan parks in North Wales (as an aside I love caravan parks, and I'm sure North Wales is lovely. And not always damp.)?
Does climate change and our desire to not exacerbate it mean that foreign travel is off the cards, and our kids will only ever see foreign climes on the tele-box?

Thankfully not, according to the lovely and supremely knowledgable Vicky Smith - founder of sustainable travel company Earth Changers.
Apparently, and this blew my mind, it is possible to travel not only in a way that is LESS negative, but for our travel to have a net POSITIVE impact on both people and planet. I genuinely had no idea - to my mind prior to this chat, air travel was bad, end of. I hadn't really given much (any) thought to the impact that tourism can have at the end destinations, and as it turns out, with a little bit of thought and research, this can be a really positive thing all round.

But before you start dragging your suitcases down from the loft and contemplate shaving your legs, listen in to find out how you can make your holiday and your travel as sustainable(ish) as poss.



Here's what you'll learn

  • Is sustainable tourism ever really possible?
  • Why responsible tourism is so important and how it looks after the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit rather than simply making money
  • How to spot 'greenwashing' in tourism
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    How to limit your carbon footprint when travelling 
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    Does carbon off-setting work and is it worth it?

Top Tips for Sustainable(ish) Travel

  • Ask questions of your accommodation - what are their recycling policies, where do they source their food, do they pay their employees a living wage?
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    Avoid single use plastic wherever possible
  • Fly less where possible - take the train, bus, cycle, walk. Skype for work meetings.
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    If you do fly:  fly economy, choose more modern airlines, limit stopovers on long haul flights

The Earth Changers Manifesto

How do you tackle travel?
I'd love to hear your thoughts - do leave a comment below, or come and join in the conversation in my Sustainable Life community on FB!


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